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e-corporate delivers excellence in legal services for businesses, using a personal and innovative approach and whilst treating value for money as a key component.

e-corporate offers services to business clients direct, and provides a support service to mainstream legal practices. For more details of each, please click on the links. Technology is the key to both.

e-corporate is intended to be an internet and IT based service, but in addition to services accessed via the website and email, we do still use the telephone. Letter too, if pushed. Alas, we do not have a telex machine.

For years lawyers have been talking about the paperless office, and have not been able to make the radical changes needed to move to that situation. e-corporate has achieved that goal, and that benefits its users in terms of efficiency by not having to trawl through paper files. It also helps save trees.

e-corporate also has a service specifically targeted at the charity sector (and priced accordingly) to help non- profit organisations with the new burden of corporate governance imposed on them under the recent changes to charities legislation.


e-corporate supplies support to mainstream solicitors’ practices, to back up and supplement their core skills.


e-corporate delivers services to its clients at fee levels which guarantee significant savings to clients by comparison with rates charged by firms following the traditional lawyer’s business model.


As part of the services it can offer to other lawyers, e-corporate provides consultancy to law firms on partnership issues, and structuring more generally.


e-corporate’s ethos places a high value on its services to clients in the non-profit sector - at an affordable price.

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